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Our plants aren’t alone in their pots:  We add an inoculant containing special fungi, called mycorrhizae, to every plant we pot up.  These fungi aid the plant tremendously, extending the reach of their roots with their filaments to allow the plant to maximize its soil nutrient uptake.  In return, the plants provide these fungi with carbohydrates and proteins they’ve created through photosynthesis.  We obtain our mycorrhizal inoculant from Mycorrhizal Applications.


Nature loves biodiversity, and so do we!  During the summer of 2014, we installed this bat house made by .   Bats are amazing little creatures, devouring approximately half their body weight in pesky insects (including mosquitos) during their nightly outings.  Even if bats aren’t your thing, you should check out their website:  They have a great selection of carefully hand-crafted bird houses as well!