Nitrogen Fixing Species

Nitrogen Fixing Species

Most nitrogen fixing species are from the family Fabaceae, also known as the Pea or Legume family, but there are also a few anomalies from other families.  Below are the nitrogen fixers that we carry.  Be sure to check the current availability list to see what we have in stock.


Anacacho Orchid

Black Locust

Chilean Mesquite

Eve’s Necklace

False Indigo

Flowering Senna

Fragrant Mimosa

Goldenball Leadtree

Gregg’s Leadtree


Honey Mesquite


Mountain Mahogany


Texas Flowering Senna, Tree Senna

Texas Kidneywood

Texas Mountain Laurel

Texas Redbud

Thornless Honey Locust

Wax Myrtle

White Leadtree

Wright’s Acacia


Here is a link to a Nitrogen Fixing Tree Start-up Guide from  While aimed primarily at a farm-scale audience, it is a great source of information and ideas of ways to incorporate nitrogen fixing trees into your landscape design.