Weeping Bald Cypress, Cascade Falls
Taxodium distichum “Cascade Falls”

Weeping Bald Cypress, Cascade Falls Taxodium distichum "Cascade Falls"
Cascade Falls is a very weeping form of an old favorite native species. This variation can be used as an adaptable understory, small tree reaching 8' high and 5' wide at maturity. This plant can be planted in multiple sites and can tolerate a wide range of soils and moisture conditions.

New leaves are a bright light green reminiscent of chartreuse. As the leaves mature with the summer, the coloration changes to a dark green which forms a sharp contrast to deeply brown exfoliating bark. Fall display is a beautiful mixture of orange and bright cinnamon coloration.

"Cascade Falls" can be trimmed to keep the branches from touching the ground. Un-staked or grown without support, this specimen will become a groundcover. More than others of the species, this plant maintains a strong winter presence with distinct weeping form, unusually shaped branches and a multicolored peeling bark. Truly a plant for all seasons!

This highly weeping form grows well in dry clay or beside a water feature. It is stunning placed to cascade over a rock wall taking the appearance of a waterfall. It takes the heat and dry spells common across central Texas and is highly cold-hardy to 0 degrees F. It is listed as viable across USDA zones 4 through 10.