Weeping Bottlebrush
Callistemon viminalis, AKA pendulous

Weeping Bottlebrush makes a dramatic landscape statement in a tropical garden. It is a stand-out whether installed into a raised bed to enhance height or housed in a large container. The sweeping branches swing in the breeze and easily become the star of the garden. Early leaves are bright green and mature to a soft gray-green with shimmery highlights. This show is then "Over the Top" when the plant begins to bloom with long, pendulous crimson blooms.

It is a hummingbird treat! This bottlebrush should have the lower branches removed to emphasize the weeping nature of the plant regardless of where it is sited. Other than that, this small tree or shrub is maintenance-free. It is also pest-free and quite drought-tolerant when not blooming. It is native to Australia and is an evergreen in USDA zone 8b to 11. If added as a landscape specimen, the shrub should be positioned in full sun to ensure long blooming.

Unlike many other bottlebrush species, Weeping Bottlebrush can be planted at the edge of a water source to replace the very common weeping willow shape in the landscape.
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