‘Pride of Houston’ Yaupon

Native to Texas, Yaupon Holly is a species of holly that tolerates the hot and dry Texas summers with relative ease, however prospers when provided more ideal conditions. Yaupons include evergreen shrubs or small trees with light gray bark, and small oval shaped alternate leaves with coarsely serrated margins. It forms multiple stems in clumps, giving the plant some density despite the smaller leaves.

The small white flowers in the spring are somewhat striking; however the red drupe berries that follow in the fall to winter are the main attraction. They stay on during the winter, attracting birds and other wildlife as a food source. ‘Pride of Houston’ Yaupon is an all-female cultivar, guaranteeing berries every season.

Ilex vomitoria received its name from its usage with Native Americans; it was an ingredient in teas used in rituals that would induce vomiting. Yaupon tolerates nearly any quality type of soil, and can be grown along the coastline as well.

15-20 Feet

10-15 Feet
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