Onion, Kurrat
 Allium ampelioprasum var Kurrat

This onion is also a historic edible known for a soft flavor similar to chives. It is commonly called Middle Eastern Leek in Europe. The plant is often listed as indigenous to Egypt, but records actually list it's usage earlier than early Egyptian cultures. Experts consider it indigenous to the Mesopotamian Basin and have records that it has been grown since man's earliest times. The plant grows much like garlic chives. The greens, bulbs and blooms are all edible and are highly prized for lowering cholesterol. Culturally, it grows best in Texas high-shade or morning sun. The plants are perennial once established and very drought-tolerant. New plants can be created by allowing re-seeding around the mother plants. Kurrat can be substituted into any recipe where onions, chives, or leeks are listed. In Europe they are often served sautéed with chicken livers.
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