Fragrant Yucca
Hesperaloe funifera

Fragrant Yucca is also called Night-Blooming Yucca because the blooms only open during the evening period. The plant is endemic to New Mexico and has adapted well to central Texas. It requires well-drained soil, is drought-tolerant, but struggles in sandy soil. It can be planted in part shade or full sun. The small trumpet-shaped blooms are formed along flower spikes that can reach to 12 feet. They are greenish-purple in color and open each evening as the sun goes down. This makes the plant a critical “must-have” for night moths and late hummingbird feeding. Most of the year, the plant's growth resembles a grass-like plant from the native short-grass prairie. Fragrant Yucca is viable in USDA zones 8a-10b.
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