Euphorbia, Rudolph
Euphorbia martini “Rudolph”

This wood spurge exhibits red, burgundy and dark burgundy color all year long. Place it in a conspicuous sunny site in the garden anywhere in USDA zones 7a through 10a. It can take the heat! It is a smaller size shrub, only reaching 18 to 20 inches tall at maturity. Spring blooms rise above the foliage adding height to the shrub and incredible green and maroon color to the display. Unlike other wood spurges, this hybrid grows slowly and maintains an excellent shape in the garden.

Rudolph was found in the UK and is assumed to be a sport hybrid of Euphorbia martinii (E. amygdaloides characias). As with all euphorbias, avoid skin contact with the milky sap. Unlike many of the more common Euphorbias, this plant has no spines, spikes or sharp prongs. It is drought-tolerant when established, but is not considered a cactus.
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