Dogwood, Cornelian Cherry “Golden Glory”
Cornus mas “Golden Glory”

This Dogwood has been nominated to Texas A&M for consideration as a Texas Superstar. It is drought-tolerant to a fault! Two specimens were planted at the Veterans' Center in Waco during the drought. The trees did not even pause and flourished in the record-breaking heat! Soft yellow blooms greet the bees and butterflies in late winter. The tree is covered in clean, green foliage throughout the summer heat. In fall, the edible fruits provide great resource or winter interest. Two specimens are needed for pollination if the tree is to be grown for the edible berries. "Golden Glory" can reach 30' at maturity and is viable across USDA zones 4a through 9. It creates an upright, barrel-shaped tree that makes a more formal statement in the landscape than other Dogwoods. It is suitable for smaller spaces and because it has proven to take pollution without impact, "Golden Glory" is an excellent choice for urban landscapes.
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