Agapanthus, Tinkerbell
Agapanthus praecox “Tinkerbell,” dwarf variegated

“Tinkerbell” is a dwarf, variegated cultivar said to be a sport of “Peter Pan.” The foliage is evergreen, reaching about 12” to 16” tall with white and green linear coloration. The plant thrives in most soils and can be grown in sun or dappled shade. It will bloom more if planted in full sun, but will require regular irrigation and a well-drained site. “Tinkerbell” will remain evergreen to 20 degrees F and the bulb is viable to 10 degrees F. It is considered a hardy perennial in the landscape in USDA zones 8 through 10. Unlike agapanthus africanus, “Tinkerbell” bulbs are non-edible and should be considered poisonous.
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