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Wholesale and Retail

We sell both wholesale and retail, with a 20% discount on orders over $500.

Two-Step Ordering Process

To order, please use this link Avail180326Final to download a list of the plants we have available for sale. (The order form list is usually updated sometime in the first week of the month).  Download the Excel file and open it. At the top of the page, fill in your name and other information. In the far right-hand column, fill in the quantities of plants you want. Then rename and save the file and email it to us as an attachment. If, for any reason, you cannot work with a spreadsheet, try this PDF Avail180326Final Sheet1 instead.

When we receive your order, we’ll follow up with a Sales Order from our bookkeeping system that removes the items from inventory and reserves them for you, pending your approval.  We will also add information about delivery or pickup dates and costs, and comments about the plants that may help with your decisions.  If you want to make changes to your order at this point, it’s very easy to do.  Just tell us what you want to change, whether it’s species, quantities, sizes or delivery details.

Want to Browse Before You Buy? No problem!

If you’re new to gardening or new to Hill Country Natives, or if you’d like to do some “window-shopping” before you order, you might like to start by visiting our Browse page. Then come back here to make your selections from the Availability List (Order Form).  And, of course, we would love for you to visit and make your selections in person.  PLEASE USE THE APPOINTMENT MANAGER ON THE CONTACT PAGE, to be sure that someone will be here to help you.


Once your order is finalized, we’ll schedule a time for delivery, or you can make an appointment to pick up. Your turnaround time from approval of your  Sales Order to receiving your plants is usually just a few days.

Delivery is available for orders of $200 or more.  Charges include a handling fee of 3% of the invoice total, to cover loading and unloading, plus a transportation fee of $1.50 per mile (one-way) per google maps. Our preferred delivery days are Tuesday and Wednesday. If you cannot accept a delivery on either of those days, we will do our best to accommodate requests for alternative arrangements, though be advised it may delay delivery.

Although we don’t offer planting, installation, or design services, we’ll be happy to provide you, at the time of delivery, input on the placement of plants you’ve purchased from us.

Thanks for choosing Hill Country Natives! We look forward to serving you.

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