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Please visit our Shop Online page, where you’ll find ordering instructions for all of the common and hard-to-find Texas-hardy natives we’ve been growing for years, as well as fruit bearing trees and shrubs specially selected for our variable climate conditions. Continued upgrades in our growing techniques and nursery infrastructure ensure that this year’s crop is our most vigorous offering to date. 

If you prefer, you can also shop at our nursery near Leander, TX. (Driving directions, Google link and map are on our Contact/Visit page.)  When you’re ready to visit and shop, please use the APPOINTMENT MANAGER on the Contact Page.

We update our inventory on a monthly basis, so if you would like to receive an update when we have new plants ready for sale sign up for our mailing list. 

At Hill Country Natives, our mission is to promote the sustainable cultivation of native Texas trees and shrubs and to increase their use in landscaping. We specialize in native trees and shrubs and fruit trees that are well-adapted to central Texas.

Native plants offer many benefits. They require less water. They improve wildlife habitat. They support genetic diversity. They require less fertilizer and pesticide, thus reducing pollution and cost. And they improve the connection between people and the land.

Over the last few decades we’ve witnessed a degradation of native plant communities in central Texas. We feel that the loss of native plants is having a negative impact on the environment and on all of us. We believe that by increasing the use of native plants we can help restore our unique central Texas environment and quality of life. Our work is informed by the ethics and principles of Permaculture design.

Our Learn page contains informational material in several sections. To learn how we cultivate healthy plants, and to get some tips, see Cultivation. And check our Articles & Links to read up on Green Living Screens, Fire-wise landscaping, Fungi, and other key topics. Enjoy our Plant Showcase too!

“Just a quick note to say I was very impressed by the root system on the Montezuma Cypress … I planted it a few hours after I picked it up from you and it was perfect! The structure was very dense. More importantly the branching from the root flare was perfect and no circling or girdling root on the outside of the root ball! … You definitely have me sold. … Thanks for all your help. I plan to use your nursery as much as I can.” – D.L.


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